Parser doesnt support setschema not validating whos dating who site

(Kalle) – Added LIBXML_LOADED_VERSION constant (libxml2 version currently used).

(Rob) – Added JSON_FORCE_OBJECT flag to json_encode().

(Etienne)– Implemented FR #41712 (curl progress callback: CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION).

(sdteffen[at]gmail[dot].com, Pierre) – Implemented FR #47739 (Missing c URL option do disable IPv6).

(Ilia) – Added json_last_error() to return any error information from json_decode().

(Scott) – Added gethostname() to return the current system host name. (Mike) – Added depth parameter to json_decode() to lower the nesting depth from the maximum if required.

(Sebastian, Roman Borschel) – Fixed html_entity_decode() incorrectly converting numeric html entities to different characters with cp1251 and cp866.

(David Soria Parra, Jani) – Added support for optional values, and = as separator, in getopt(). (David C) – Added PREG_BAD_UTF8_OFFSET_ERROR constant. (Nuno) – Added native support for asinh(), acosh(), atanh(), log1p() and expm1().

It’s possible to disable this behaviour using « http »=0) in stream context.

(Dmitry) – Added support for CP850 encoding in mbstring extension.

(Rob) – Added table info to PDO::get Column Meta() with SQLite.

(Martin Jansen, Scott) – Added mail logging functionality that allows logging of mail sent via mail() function.

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