E trade superbowl commercial speed dating

This race doesn’t happen in 2017; it happens in 1982.

See the “Do Not Attempt” at the bottom of the screen?

Let me tell you up front: chances are you won’t like what Audi has to say. Not the real Soapbox Derby, mind you; that’s a highly competitive event held on a nationwide basis involving both young boys and young girls almost equally.

Nor is it a kart race, despite the fact there are plenty of very skilled girls in youth karting.

Now let’s meet her first opponent: a Traditional American Boy Right Down To The Fucking Peter Fonda Captain America Helmet! Isn’t that a lovely inversion, and isn’t it so in line with that modern catechism? Yet his glee doesn’t last long; she gets around him in a hurry.

Then we get a beautiful, evocative shot of the landscape. If you want to know how the upper-middle class sees their inferiors, this is a good snapshot of it.

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