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The second most important holiday in Sweden is the midsummer.It is celebrated in the second half of June, the exact dates varies a little bit from one year to the other.Each year many people who live elsewhere travel to Dalarna for that holiday to join the celebrations.One thing we found a bit unusual is that in Dalarna people keep their maypoles all year around.

For fear of further cave-ins they decided not to excavate the area where the accident happened and Mats Israelsson’s body was not recovered.

A few years later the mine and the adjoining buildings were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for being a well preserved example of traditional mining.

There are documents showing that the copper mine in Falun was a registered joint-stock company as early as the year 1288.

Many years later when they extended the mine they entered the area where the collapse happed and they eventually reached the tunnel that was sealed by the collapse.

When they entered the tunnel they found Mats Israelsson's remains.

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