Buddhist dating christian

Since 2010, interfaith marriages have increased, and now four-in-ten Americans marry a spouse of a different religious group.

This is a 20% increase since those who were wed prior to 1960.

Fred and I have found that it’s not so much about having the J. A graduate of Duke Divinity School, she is ordained in the Southern Baptist tradition.Naomi Schaefer Riley, journalist and author of , ignited the contemporary interfaith marriage conversation in 2013 with the publication of her research of such partnerships.Schaefer Riley is herself a willing participant in the interfaith marriage movement (she’s Jewish; her husband is a former Jehovah’s Witness), but still outlines the perils of such unions.At school, I learned that the Bible is a complex, layered manuscript written over time whose canon took centuries to develop.There was far more to this book than the poetic King James sound bites that had rolled effortlessly off my 13-year-old tongue.

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