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Bones said he learned later than instead of helping his mother, he just enabled her to get crystal meth, a highly addictive drug that's often made in trailers in rural areas of the country."I helped in the completely wrong ways," he said."I'd give her money constantly for things when I shouldn't have.

I should've taken care of things myself, paid the bills myself."Soon, his mother was just calling for money or to set up the next ask for money.

Born in Hot Springs, Ark., as Bobby Estell (a radio programmer named him "Bobby Bones" early in Bones' career), the boy grew up in Mountain Pine, Ark., a segregated rural town of 800 people. His parents, 15 and 17 at the time, did get married and stayed married for five or six years before his father bailed, leaving Bones with only a few faint memories of living with a dad."Most of my life, he lived within five miles," Bones said, "just never knew him, never saw him, never talked to him."Bones also remembers, from his earliest memories, his mother drinking and disappearing for days, weeks or even years at a time."I would see her drunk.

Wouldn't really understand it, but I would see her drunk," he said.

But he says he'll never do it."I know what would happen.

Now at the center of a growing media empire, "The Bobby Bones Show" is heard weekdays in 80 markets, including on flagship station the Big 98 WSIX in Nashville.And the calls to the local radio station began then.From age 10, Bones was a regular on pop station 105.9 KLAZ, introducing songs on the phone as "Bobby the Barbarian," taking the "Barbarian" part from a popular wrestler of the day.Tennessee based entertainer famous for both his radio hosting work on the nationally syndicated Bobby Bones Show and for his acclaimed career as a country music DJ. While a student at Henderson State University, he worked for the school's radio station.After earning a bachelor's degree in radio and television, he began his broadcasting career at stations in Hot Springs and Little Rock, Arkansas.

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